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Wild Grape Bistro & Salt Lake Magazines September Cocktail Contest Recipe

Major Tom’s Ransom & Fresh Fall Peaches

Small slice Poblano pepper (sliver)
2 sage leaves fresh
½  oz lemon juice fresh
½ oz lime juice fresh
1 oz fresh peach purée 
½ oz sage simple syrup 
1½  oz Ransom Gin
Top with champagne float
Muddle sage, Poblano pepper, gin, fresh lemon and lime juices
Add peach purée, simple syrup, shake and then strain in ice filled pint glass
Top with champagne, Garnish glass rim with lavender sugar (or just sugar), peach garnish
Peach puree
Boil 4-5 peaches, let cool, remove skin from peaches and puree (without pits)
Sage simple syrup
1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, 7-10 sage leaves, bring to boil pull off heat, allow to cool then strain into container